Back to Normal? Crap.

The ladies among the dinos along Highway 92 in Half Moon bay.

Moments from now our homie K will be taking off for the return flight to PDX. We had a rollicking good time checking out B's and my favorite spots in the SC environs during her visit, including but not limited to:
  • The UC to the SC campus! Which is nice because there are no students there right now!
  • The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose! Definitely as interesting for the terrible tattoo watching as for the weird architecture. I was also quite fond of our tour guide, Aaron. Well played, Aaron.
  • The Crow's Nest. It is more expensive than ever! Hot damn!
  • Fun adorable animals in the water being cute!
  • Half Moon Bay, featuring the above dinos! And plants!
  • Our favorite tide-pooling spot along Highway 1!
  • Downtown!
  • West Cliff!
I am crestfallen that her visit was so short, but it was well worth it. I'm also incredibly relieved to have had a whole long weekend during which I did no work at all. I don't know if this will help me be more productive or not in the immediate future, but it was a big F'in relief, either way.

Pics be up on flickr.


noncoupable said...

I've never been to the Crow's Nest, but my triathlon coach-friend plays the flute for some band there every now and then. Maybe I should check it out...

kungfuramone said...

It's good. It's fairly high-end bar food, basically, and the views of the harbor are awesome.

Flute-playing in a band: scary. No offense to your friend.

noncoupable said...

Well, he IS from Australia, and an Ironman triathlete... go figure