Don't Step Up to the Grad Students at Trivia Night. Also, Prozac in the Water.

This is a two-parter.
  1. Last night, an elite cadre of grad students (mostly history, one electrical engineer by way of software design by way of astrophysics) gathered at a ritzy joint for drinks, then on to a pizza joint (with beer) for a trivia night. I have never done a trivia night before, but I felt pretty good about our chances. Let's just say that team Buttered and Delicious (that was us) kicked that trivia night's ASS. How many people getting PhDs do you need to rule at trivia? Six, apparently. Well done, team.
  2. Hanging with my home girl K in the bunker today, we have concluded that we need to find a way to introduce a massive quantity of prozac into the water supply of SC, because far too many people seemed mired in despair these days. It's definitely not helping that the smoke from the big fire in the hills is, apparently, supposed to linger for months. Beyond that, however, the larger issue is just that we all need a higher degree of default spring-in-step fuck-it-all attitude rather than abject terror, world-hating withdrawal, or all-around glumness.
P.S. Seriously: check out this amazing Vanity Fair slideshow of "Colonel Qaddafi: A Life in Fashion." It is really fucking funny.


Chrissy said...

So, Tuesday nights are trivia nights at my bar and the final question (which you could wager as many of your points as you wanted on) last week was something about who the highest earning British woman from 2001 - 2008 was. My team decided that we would bet it all and looked to me as the team member with the most pop culture knowledge. I guessed Madonna. The answer was JK Rowling. DAMN YOU HARRY POTTER!!!

kungfuramone said...

DANG. That would be frustrating. I forget that Harry Potter had an author; I think of him as a part of nature.

noncoupable said...

Trivia night: yeah dude! We did the 99 bottles one and got $25 gc as second place (10 beers to first place). So did the goat show up? He always gets all the random 70s-90s pop culture questions.

kungfuramone said...

Yep, the goat was in effect, and he dropped a bunch of movie and TV show knowledge.