A Hive of Scum and Villainy

It's what Obi Wan said about the spaceport of Mos Eisley, but for me it's just a lot of Pacific Avenue, AKA, "SC's entire downtown." Having (another) one of those days in which I walk down the street trying to avoid eye contact, thinking "that guy looks like an asshole. That one, too. That guy? Definite asshole."*

Note sure if this is related, but my dentist told me today that I should get gum graft surgery. This is the surgery B had two years ago that turned out to be fucking-A horrendous. We were out 1600 bucks out of pocket (i.e. after insurance), they prescribed B about 1/3 of the painkillers they should have, and it took her months to recover. I don't like disagreeing with professionals doing their jobs, but I played the "we're broke" card talking to the dentist today after mentioning how miserable B's experience had been. I'm left kind of wondering what the deal is with our dentist, though...I had never heard of these things before we moved here, and she seems to think that everyone ought to have one by the time they're 30.

Dear Medical Professionals: a "routine" procedure is not routine for the person getting it.

Dear Santa Cruz: get your shit together. Love, -KFR.

* In my internal monologue, the voice in which I think these thoughts mutters. I silently mutter about how everyone's an asshole.


clumsygirl said...

Umm... yeah. I think your dentist is living in crazy town. My dentists have been telling me to get my wisdom teeth out for years now. When I ask them why, they tell me that they might make my teeth crooked or cause me pain... but neither of these have happened yet. I still have straight teeth, no cavities in the wisdom teeth and they don't hurt me. Why should I then go voluntarily into a surgery that I don't need?

To line someone else's pockets, that's why.

kungfuramone said...

Who do we blame? THE MAN. The ORAL SURGEON man, in this case!

Kelly said...

seriously, get a second opinion.

Austin Rich said...

I have a feeling that the wretched hive phenomena might be something we're all familiar with. (Ahem, Austin Texas.) Sometimes places just suck that day, especially places you don't plan on permanently residing.

noncoupable said...

The dentist stuff is b.s. I once had a dentist that pressured me like that so I took my business elsewhere. I literally visited one guy and he said I had 2 cavities that needed to be filled (with the expensive stuff no less). The other dentist? "Everything looks fine. See you in 6 months!" I've been going back to them since with the same response each time (2 years now).

Chica said...

you need to find another dentist.
What would a second opinion hurt.
My dad had no teeth by 30 so I am a nut with this stuff.
It can be expensive to be a dentist
in a place like SC or SF and they need to find work.
You would find no harm in talking to another person.
I might think hipsters are goofballs, but we all need a second opinion. Please talk to another...... Maybe someone over 50