New Happy Theme Picture

This is the first picture I've seen in a long time that has the power to convince me that everything is basically right with the world.* **

* Position subject to change.
** Lando was the best Star Wars character, because (A.) he was the smoothest operator in the galaxy and (B.) he blew up the second Death Star aided only by the underestimated and under-remembered Wedge Antilles.*** ****
*** Wedge Antilles was Luke's friend from Tatooine who survived all three movies and played a major role in the destruction of both Death Stars. He was kind of like a (hypothetical, obviously, since this didn't happen) red-shirted security guy on Star Trek who didn't die and, in fact, kicked ass. Also, the ska band I was in back in the 90s had a tribute song to Wedge. *****
**** Best Lando line (to Leia): "Truly you belong with us among the clouds..."
***** There was also a ska-punk band in town actually called Lando Calrissian! That about ties this all together.

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Elizabeth said...

This post has some of the more interesting uses of footnotes I've ever seen. And I still think Lando smiles while hiding his future betrayal of poor Han Solo who will have to be frozen for years in the position of someone pretending to be a dinosaur. So sad and yet love endures.