8:13am Coffee Post

  1. John Hughes is dead. I think Ransom is obliged to comment on this. For me, I'll just say that I will always love the Breakfast Club and I will always be that one guy who hates, hates Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which should have been subtitled "The Smarmy Prick Who Got Away With Everything."
  2. I'm taking a more relaxed approach to the iceberg of work.
  3. Just to take it to the next dork level, last night while we were playing Vampire, L put on a Sisters of Mercy album. All we had to do was swish around Paris sewers in a cape while weeping.
  4. T-shirt motto seen on a dude at the bus station yesterday: "Man Boobs Are Sexy."
  5. My lectures this session are tough. I'm an empathetic enough teacher that I adjust my pace and approach depending on the reactions of the students, and I feel like the only way I can consistently connect with them is to project a lot of caffeinated energy. I feel like I'm doing the Napoleon Dynamite dance for three hours, basically.
  6. Looks like we're going to be house-sitting for my adviser in September - October. He lives in a place up in the woods in Bonny Doon, one of the weird mountain towns above SC. While this will involve more driving and logistics, it'll also be a massive dose of elbow room and I am totally looking forward to it.


Chrissy said...

you doing the napoleon dynamite dance for 3 hours in front of a class full of students = awesome mental picture.

kungfuramone said...

Thank you. I do what I can...for The Cause.

ransom said...

Much like some John Hughes movies, the Sisters of Mercy were (and are) very compelling. The only problem with any of it is if you fail to keep a sense of humor about it. 'Cause man, no matter how much you enjoy basking in the blackness of it all, if you can't have a sense of humor about the Sisters of Mercy, you have an issue.

Austin Rich said...

And, by extension, probably don't have a sense of humor about other things, too.

Elizabeth said...

Advisorhaus is going to be great! What a wonderful change of scenery that will be.