A Sonnet About Destroying All Acoustic Guitars

Stupid college student next door
Though you're a reasonably nice neighbor
Your acoustic guitar and singing would be no more
If I could sell you to a ruthless white slaver

Maybe that's a little extreme, though
You're not such a bad guy after all
Though I sit here thinking you're a bitch-ass ho
And giggling about homicidal fantasies - LOL!

No, wait, I'm more mature, older and wise
I don't need to want to exterminate your ass
You and the rest of those idiot guys
Razors, ropes, fire, bombs, and gas

I'll just destroy all acoustic guitars
Then give all their former owners SARS

(Yeah, sorry, but not bad for five minutes and some wine!)


Chrissy said...

Um, I think I wrote a similar version of this song about 2 or 3 years ago. But it also had a verse about destroying all art students as well.

kungfuramone said...

I think if I had any of those around here, I'd have to revise the sonnet.