Restraint Clearly Doesn't Work for Me

(Apparently, Wes Anderson is making a stop-motion animation version of the kid's story The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I like the above behind-the-scenes shot of Bill Ghostbustin'-Ass Murray and a badger.)

I had an interesting day yesterday. My first lecture was too much: the Ancien Regime, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic era, all in one three-hour lecture (with breaks.) Too much. But then I came home, drank a beer, and watched several hours of Deadliest Catch. B and I had a nice night, featuring wine. Today I have a lot to do, but I'm going to get it done by drinking coffee until they've stripped the coffee fields bare in Brazil. Tonight I'm hanging out with K + L and playing Wii, or at least watching L show off his sick Guitar Hero skills. Tomorrow PDX K shows up for the long weekend. All in all, I am determined to stop worrying and learn to live the bomb.

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