It's Mokey Out

I stole the pic to the left from the local rag's website.

The fire season has been mellow this year, at least by California standards, but it's kicked off late with a massive blaze just to the northwest of SC.

This really sucks...it's probably the first forest fire to affect me personally, for two reasons. First, the air is just nasty. Second, my adviser's house, the one we're supposed to house-sit at in a month, is right smack in the line of fire in Bonny Doon. I'm worried for him and his wife and I'm, selfishly, worried for B and I in that I am really looking forward to house-sitting and I want the house to still be there to sit in.

The smoke was an appropriate backdrop for my bullshit errand-y day today, which involved going to the F'ing mall to get my tires rotated by the listless young men at the Sears Auto place. I've been running around since before 9am and I haven't gotten any of "my" work done. The logical choice? Throw in the towel and crack open a cold one. I recommend all of you do the same.

P.S. The term "mokey" is what our nephew, Littlest K, says about fires.


Chrissy said...

give up and crack open a cold one? done and done

kungfuramone said...

Well-played, home girl.