Two Observations

  1. How is it possible that there is a nerd accent? During K's visit this weekend, we hit three comic / game shops (she is both a comic geek and a game geek.) While we were there, we overheard several conversations in that weird nasal nerd-voice familiar from such pop cultural phenomena as every-movie-ever-making-fun-of-nerds-ever. How can that be?! I mean, how does one's voice change based on one's hobbies?! I've played D+D since fifth grade, but you can't tell that just from listening to me talk. So weird.*
  2. People who lick / suck their fingers in public while eating are fucking disgusting. It's worse when they're on the fucking bus. "Hmm. I think I will touch this bus seat or pole that is covered with the disgusting detritus of fifty thousand bus riders and then suck my fingers. Because I am a smart person."
* I ain't bein' racist or nothin', but I still think it's a little weird that there's a gay accent, too.


Austin Rich said...

Perhaps every time someone moves away from a specific region, and looses theirs (Minnesota, Georgia, or New York), a young geek and / or homo gets his accent?

kungfuramone said...

That's an interesting variation on the bell ringing = angel getting wings hypothesis.