Too Much Talk, Not Enough Poor-Quality Digital Photography

A certain crafty lady has demanded less verbiage and more picture...iage. Thusly, a few shots from the recent camping extravaganza in Humboldt are in order.

L drank all the vodka and then she beat us all up.

This is how we spent pretty much the whole time. Which is totally the point of camping.

Ok: So first of all, the reason this pictures looks screwy is that blogger won't let you rotate pics and it refused to allow this one to be right-side up. Thus, this is a link from flickr, which shrinks things and makes them weird(er) looking. Second, yeah, the point of this picture was supposed to be two non-tough guys trying to look tough and failing, and I think we achieved that, but we also inadvertently ended up with a kind of "so....why don't I have a shirt on" look.

ANYWAY, there are a couple of other ones on my flickr site.

In other news, it's been beautiful, foggy and cool for the last two days in SC. Tomorrow I have nothing to do. And I have yet to find anything better in life than a long, cool weekend day with lots of coffee and nothing on the agenda.

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