As Per Usual

Sorry to drone on about this, but here's how the sick went down:

1. Fever, aches, pains, dizzy, tired.
2. All messed-up, day off lying around on the couch.
3. Better-getting!
4. Agh! Terrible blinding headache!
5. Continued headache, less terrible and blinding.
6. Basically back to normal, such as it is.

Weird, right? Looking at symptoms online, either I had a brain tumor or I was sick. I'm feeling pretty much ok now.

We had a fake vacation at Becky's parents' place on Saturday. We got to pretend that we were Dr. + Dr. Zoidberg, homeowners! I think the most profound luxury the richest 1/5 of the world's population can afford isn't all the junk and shiny accoutrements, it's just silence and space. It's funny to think that, but when it comes down to it a few hundred square feet of quiet space is an amazing, amazing article de luxe.

So much to do, so much I haven't done. Being sick has precluded working out. Being lazy and working full-time has precluded reading anything all summer.

Coming up: two posts about computers. This should interest no fewer than 0 people!