Plants Eat Bugs

We went to the SF Conservatory of Flowers and met up with a gang of girls and two tiny kids for B's 30th. They had a carnivorous plants exhibit. It was pretty awesome. I put the pictures I took up on my flickr site...go look at them right now.

Also, B was kind enough to send me three of the ones she took:

I don't really remember why I was doing that.

I like this one because we look like we're in a band.

Things we have in common: we both eat bugs for nutrients due to the poor quality of the local soil.

This morning we raced back to SC in time for my tattoo consult. It was short and sweet and I'm all signed up to get drilled on for two hours on my birthday, in precisely a week. Sweet.

P.S. Got in touch w/ pissy prof described in last post, will be meeting with tomorrow (yes, that would be Labor Day) at 8:00am. At least it won't be on campus. Either way: groan.

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Kelly said...

Plants look tres cool.

8am, on or off campus, sucks. I'm sorry.