Left to My Own Devices

It rained for the first time in five months on Friday. I don't think I can really describe how rain makes me feel, especially to everyone out there with the traditional sun = beautiful day equation built in. I'll just say that how you feel about a sunny day after months of cold and gray is exactly how I feel about a sky full of beautiful dark clouds.

B has been up in San Francisco with her brother for the baptism of a friend's kiddo. B and A are now godparents of said kiddo. For being left to my own devices for the weekend, I've played very few video games overall. I wrote my first of many reaction papers to be written this year, I cleaned the bathroom, I walked down to TJ's and Long's, and I hosted K and L for an evening of watching music videos and, well, pretty serious drinking.

I'm starting to get a little hesitant about my drinking habits. I accidentally sucked down a bottle of wine the other night and didn't really notice. Despite the respective histories of Russian and Irish literature, I'm not sure that (lots of) booze and the pursuit of knowledge are happy traveling companions.

If you haven't, be sure to check in on Count Fosco - he's doing a LOL Theorists project that is probably the best thing ever wrought by a man, or at least by a graduate student man.

Oh, and the picture is of the rainy morning yesterday, featuring what's left of the trees that used to loom over our little patio. They were "trimmed" by the management. What the fuck is wrong with people?


crashcourse said...

The air is changing. It has that smell. You know... the smell that doesn't have any hot asphalt components to it. There's no sweaty, bus-guy smell, or trapped car exhaust. Instead, this new and better smell has that crisp edge to it. There's some wind and tree leaf rustling involved. When the clouds start moving towards you, you can just barely detect the sweet edge of rain hiding around in the edges of the air.

Call it Autumn or call it Fall. I love it, whatever the name.

kungfuramone said...

"There's no sweaty, bus-guy smell..."

Man, that about sums it up. I will, however, miss the presence of the bus-guy's cousin, sunburned-guy-on-a-mountain-bike, featuring no-shirt and plastic-bag-full-of-cans.

Chrissy said...

That poor tree! Californians have no idea how to react to vegetation. They only know how to pour concrete.

Fall came over night this year. Its pretty cool, but I like to ease into it. Last week I didnt need my coat and this week I do. I like to transition with a nice light jacket. Then add gloves. Then a scarf. THEN break out the coat.
Its like being pushed into a pool when you prefer to walk down the steps.