Suspicious About Vineyards

Camping was really fun, as ever. B, her dad and I did was do best when we camp:
  1. Sit around the campfire.
  2. Eat.
  3. Drink beer.
  4. Bullshit.
  5. Go "fishing" for bluejays with peanuts tied to string.
Having sampled a couple of the local state parks at this point, I can confidently recommend Butano over Big Basin - Big Basin is neat because it's the oldest of the California SP's and the redwoods are fantastic, but it's also a bit of a zoo since it's so well known and so bloody close to Silicon Valley. Lots of Hummers and giant trailers and screaming kiddos. We still had a great time, but we'll be returning to Butano (or perhaps trying out Big Sur) next time.

ANYWAY, the point is, we went to a local winery yesterday for their "harvest celebration." I have never been more suspicious. There's this breed of SF-hipster that seems to have the money and the time to go move to the mountains or the valleys and start wineries. These are not farmers. Nor are they immigrants from Tuscany or something. They're just tattooed weirdos like me that somehow came up with a couple million in venture capital and ended up running a vineyard...the end result is that the wine is not always that great (in this case, however, the imported cheese WAS that great.) Where the hell do these guys come from?

Pictures are on flickr. Rest assured that no birds were harmed, just irritated.

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Cabiria said...

The bird-fishing looks hilarious -- and I too am weirded out by random people who open a winery after being a stockbroker or something. Maybe when I get tenure I'll start up a llama ranch and raspberry-jammery, but those things are clearly related to my field.