Working, Stiff

The only history I've read in the last few days was on the bus to and from campus as I geared-up for long days of tearing open PC cases and writing down serial numbers. I really like my job. The three guys I work with are smart and nice and have classic IT-dork senses of humor (senses plural, or one shared sense? It is not for me to say.) They also represent the three archetypes of IT guys:
  1. The ponytail-and-scruffy-goatee Unix admin who always wears shorts and sandals.
  2. The slight, bespectacled PC tech who is consummately polite to everyone.
  3. The older, goofy guy in a Hawaiian shirt who hums to himself all day and makes weird sound effects whenever he does anything.
(I'm the stereotypical humanities-grad-working-in-tech, obviously. Wait...what?)

In other news, we bought a new TV. It's a Samsung. It was pretty cheap. The picture quality isn't as good as that of our now-very-broken Sony, but the sound is outstanding. We found the experience of watching movies on it kind of peculiar, then realized that it seemed weird because we'd been watching them on laptop screens two feet from our faces for a month.

I'm relieved that Monday is Memorial Day; I am technically still a history grad, and I do technically have two more reactions to write up and a presentation to give, so I could use a solid day to get everything ready for next week. People in SC, remember to go to Special K's BBQ on Sunday. I can't drink all of the beer (although I'll certainly try.)

Finally, I'll leave you with this, a sun-dappled bunny. Cats don't have the monopoly on sunbeam-bogartage.

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