I got the friggin' computer job after all!

Coincidentally, I was just translating an interview in which Beauvoir spoke to Sartre about the women's movement in the 70s and I came across these beautiful lines:

Beauvoir: You would say that men are more easily fooled?

Sartre: More easily fooled, and more easily comic. The society of men is a comic society.

Beauvoir: By and large, because each plays these roles and is completely caught up in them?

Sartre: It is so.

(The following is not in the original):

KFR: I am my own little comic society, guys.

Beauvoir: Your French is awful, Chris.


quixote said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! HUZZAH!! I'm so glad to hear you got the computer job. This is fantastic news. We could celebrate by watching Waiting for Guffman at my place this Saturday, but I'm still not sure if housemate has work Sunday morning. She'll find out tonight.

crashcourse said...

woot, woot!

Trust in Steel said...

Congrats on the computer job!!!! Being able to actually eat and drink periodically is always a plus.

kungfuramone said...

See, that's exactly my stance. Plus, we can get the car fixed, which means we can go to Oregon in July to see people, plus, we can pay off more of ye olde studente loane.

Elizabeth said...


noncoupable said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS !!!!

Cabiria said...

Belated congrats! That's great news!