In the Future, Our Hair is Fabulous

Last night we watched Logan's Run with Becky's folks. It made me think about the future. If I had been coming of age in the 1970s, I would have thought the following about the future:
  1. In the future, our hair is fabulous.
  2. In the future, the women wear little tiny dresses (think first-gen Star Trek and Barbarella, too).
  3. In the future, men wear functional one-piece jumpsuits with sparkly things attached.
  4. In the future, robots look like shiny washing machines and will try to kill you.
  5. In the future, all computers are huge.
  6. In the future, all computers communicate by talking to you.
  7. Most importantly, in the future, if a computer is up to no good, all you have to do is tell it something that "does not compute" and it will explode after getting confused.
Instead, here in the future, 75% of all internet traffic is file-sharing data and the most complicated thing they've got robots doing is dancing on a table.

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Cabiria said...

I think the lesson here is that as our generation comes to power, we must pay very, very close attention to our hair. Fabulous hair will enable us to overcome the giant and easily-confused robot computers!