Computers: They are Complicated

It has been exactly three years since I quit IT. On my last day at this place, the IT dept. and the VP of Operations went out to our favorite pizza place and drank about 2 pitchers of beer per person at lunch. That night, we had a going-away party at the home of these two beautiful kids. At the time, I was a fair computer tech; I knew quite a bit about Windows, a little less than quite a bit about Linux, and a little less still about Cisco network equipment.

There are three guys running the IT ops at the place I'm now working and they're fucking smart. I am desperately trying to keep up (as of today, Day 1), but damn. It's not just that I've forgotten things, it's that a lot of what they do I never knew to begin with.

That being said, they're really nice, personable guys, and I have high hopes that it'll be a good summer. I note, however, that they're all family guys and they don't seem to swear very much. This weirds me out a little; my IT experience was always kind of "marines / locker room on PCP, featuring porn." Ultimately, this version is much more civilized, so I'm ok with it. Because I freaking love civilization.


quixote said...

Oh, so that's where you were today.

Bunker missed you.

And by Bunker, I mean me.

Bunker and I are one entity now.

Glad you'll be working with smart people! You certainly don't get that in graduate school! ;-)

kungfuramone said...

Oh, come now, it's not like that. :]

The way it's looking now, I'm going to be pretty nonexistent as a history grad until September. So hanging out and drinking at nights/weekends becomes even MORE important.

quixote said...

I know it's not like that, I'm just teasing, which, you know, doesn't come across on the intertubes very well. Hanging out on the weekends is a must, for sure. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Yeehaw, working man! Don't worry about catching up on the first day. It could be worse. Listen to squirrel cop. http://www.thislife.org

Trust in Steel said...

I have faith in your hyperdrive brain being able to adapt to the new IT experience in a few days.

crashcourse said...

I'm confused and baffled by an IT dept that doesn't have a regular Friday Porn Day event and language that would make a trucker blush.

Rachel said...

actually, I mainly put up that picture of Liberty because a) it's iconic and b) my mother reads my blog, and I've taken to tweaking her lately. :)