The Three Things Game

It's a car game B and I invented. It's highly complex. You ask your fellow traveler a question in three-item list format, and they respond and then ask you a different one. You both automatically win the game. Repeat for as long as you're stuck in traffic on 19th in San Francisco, or longer if necessary. Examples:
  1. What three fashion disasters would you eliminate from history?
  2. Three bands who have broken up and/or had people die in that you wish you could see live?
  3. Three colors you don't like wearing yourself, but like seeing on other people?
  4. Three people you'd club to death with a crowbar if there would be no legal repercussions for you?
  5. Three chefs you'd most like to have prepare you a gourmet meal for free?
  6. Three places you'd like to spend a week at, chillin'?
  7. Three technological innovations you wish you could obliterate from history?
  8. Three people, famous or otherwise, you'd like to spend an evening with drinking beer and playing Mario Kart? (Hint: Lemmy.)
  9. Three things you wish you had the strength of will to improve about yourself?
And so on. It's almost as much fun as the anal game.

P.S. On an unrelated note, this glowing NYTimes article about Portland effectively sums up the mood of the city and why B and I miss it so much, even though it's written by one of those east coast people. It's more food-centric than I ever was living there, but otherwise I agree with it right in the agree-hole.

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