How We Will Solve the Drought

As you may know, California is in a three-year drought. The governator declared a state-wide water bid'ness a few months ago and farmers are freaking out because there isn't any water for irrigation. In SC, since we don't get water from anywhere but local sources, we've got water restrictions in place as of two days ago. The last two fire seasons have been awful and there's no reason to think it'll be any better this year.

Happily, a solution is at hand. Every time B, B's dad and I go camping, it rains. We were supposed to go camping this weekend, and lo, the heavens opened and the whole state is getting its first proper soaking for months.*

So here's how it will work: If you live in a drought-stricken region, e-mail me. B, my father in-law and I will select a campground in your area. You pay for the site, local eateries provide tasty food, local businesses provide cold beers, and local wayward youth set up tarps over the site so that we can stay dry. We charge a daily fee of, let's say, 1000 bucks. We stay as long as your crops need it. PROBLEM SOLVED.

* Ironically, we didn't skip camping because of the weather - other logistics intefered and we ended up just visiting the in-laws in Novato. The thing is, the rain god Tlaloc didn't know that and sent forth a mighty storm anyway.

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ransom said...

I'd add something about being able to provide second-tier support for drought-stricken regions close to racetracks, as whether car or motorcycle, I seem to be able to conjure the wet simply by sending in an entry form. Autocross this morning was chilly, wet, and slick, and yet I got mildly sunburned in the period of time I spent swapping the street tires back on afterwards... OTOH, making Portland wet isn't a particularly impressive skill.