Me: Cheerful Optimist

That isn't true, but last night I was reminded that there are indeed things that keep me going, poles, if you will, that I as Christian Bale hop to whilst ninjas whack me with sticks. I mean this figuratively.

First, there's the fact that my summer classes are filling up. This is a big deal; kids in classes equals money in the bank equals rent check in the mail slot downstairs.

Also, there's the fact that it looks like B's job is secure for the medium-term future. Since we like to think we only have a medium term left in SC at this point, that is a good thing.

I should add that the new Star Trek movie really is that good. They got that guy who played Shaun on Shaun of the Dead to play Scotty! And Kirk gets his ass kicked, like, seven times during the movie! And there's Leonard Nimoy, kickin' out the jams!

In addition, garlic. Seriously, you guys. We've been doing up asparagus, roasted in the oven in olive oil with lots of garlic, and it's really helped me turn some corners.

Now if I can just survive the rest of this term's TA assignment, I'll be doing just ducky. I have 200 pages of Dostoevsky's Demons left, and it's about as much fun as a hammer to the kneecap.


Elizabeth said...


Peanut butter and jelly is still good after all these years.

theNerdPatrol said...

Hmm.. we've been having a lot of asparagus at our bbq's, but only garnishing it with salt - we need to step up our game!

noncoupable said...

So glad to hear the financial situation is looking stable-ish. :)

Now if only we can get you out of that crazy Wed night TA nonsense and down to 99 for trivia night so we can win those 10 free pints. (Apparently last week's second-place-finish gift certificate might be used this week...)

Chica said...

Whoa, Amigo
Keep an eye out at the thrift stores and board game parties. This wacko knows more than just vintage vinyl, PBR, and diy.