Topical Haiku II

Have fun with phrases:
Get laid. Get off. Get laid off.
Some are good, some bad

Nineteenth century
Seven hundred page novels
Writers not concise

In California
It's budget Armageddon
Somehow Cheney's fault

Our place is too small
Two bedroom upgrade maybe?
Rent: Fifteen Fifty

(addendum to the rent haiku: oh hell no.)


Alexis said...

These are brilliant.

"Oh hell no" is the right addendum! In SC is anyone doing that trying-so-hard-to-get-renters-on-leases they knock off the first 3 - 6 months rent?

You know, probably not - but we hear a lot about that in New York. From rich people mostly. So, many grains of salt, but supposedly it's happening often enough now that no one knows what anything is worth - in some scenarios the confusion can supposedly be used to the renter's advantage.

I'm just blabbering. It's no haiku. :)

kungfuramone said...

Yeah, sadly, no 3 - 6 months free. This stupid little town has such a student surplus and such a housing shortage that landlords here are still living the dream despite the utter economic collapse of California.

noncoupable said...

Yeah dude. Our rent is going up but we're trying to fight it. 25% hike in 13 months and all I have to say is WTF.

Chrissy said...

are topical Haikus like topical creams? :)