Let's All Complain!

My homie A pointed out that I've been lax on the update front, which is only too true. When the days all blend together, one rarely feels the update urge. But today, I can at least complain in a publicly-accessible electro-forum.

Fuck kids who don't know how to use the past tense...in HISTORY papers!
Fuck kids who never read anything even though they're in college!
Fuck the memory of Fyodor reactionary Christian mystic-ass Dostoevsky!
Fuck writing lectures, grading papers, and writing a dissertation all at the same time!
Fuck blepharitis!
Fuck always being tired no matter how much sleep you get!
Fuck Gais Balthar on Battlestar Galactica! Cylon sell-out asshole!
Fuck standard poodles! They're weird! (clearly running out of steam already...)

Sorry to my mom for swearing so much in this blog post. That is all.


Happy Hippo said...

I am a little upset that you fuck standard poodles.

kungfuramone said...

What can I say? I am sometimes attracted to the weird.