Summer Plans

We don't buy much. B and I do a little better than break even every month as long as we don't buy anything besides groceries and don't do anything besides atone for our sins (which is free.) After we decided to stay put in our shoebox last week, however, we concluded that we needed to spruce things up a bit and give the place a new feel, since we'll be in it for at least one more year. B and K promptly headed off to Ikea to make some selections.

As for me, I made a purchase and a crucial discovery that are going to shape the Summer 2009 Kungfuramone Rock n Roll Lifestyle Experience '96:

Classic Blue slip-on Vans. No explanation necessary.

Trader Joe's Simpler Times lager. Holy crap, you guys. This stuff is the Charles Shaw of beer. It's 3 dollars a six-pack, it's 6% alcohol, and it tastes like good lager. This is a summertime revolution.

So yesterday B and I moved bookcases and reshuffled the dining room / living room / tv room / bunny chamber and I built the new Ikea shelving unit, fueled by Simpler Times. Then yesterday evening we went out with K + L to see the new Terminator movie, which pretty much blows.

Let's sum up:
1. Drink Simpler Times lager. It's great.
2. Don't bother with the new Terminator movie. It's like watching someone else play a video game for two hours.
3. Get you some slip-on Vans, pretend you're Snoop Dog, and get in some summertime relaxation.*

That is all.

* I feel certain that Snoop would wear slip-on Vans.


Chrissy said...

word UP my friend

noncoupable said...

I'm all about trying some of that Simple Times stuff. I got so excited I passed along a link to this post to my dad via email. He wrote back: "I haven’t tried it since I can buy Bass and a few other good quality brews at Total wine. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I saw another post by that guy who complains when the temperature is above 70. Tell him to avoid coming to the Mid-Atlantic or Southeast between May 1 and October 1."

kungfuramone said...

Strangely enough, I *do* avoid any place east of San Jose between May and October. Your dad and I, we've got it all figured out.

ransom said...

Snoop Dogg and me at age 11. Those slip-ons can bridge any and all chasms. Of couse, I've since become addicted to shoelaces...

It is nice that a lot of sinning and atoning can be gotten in for free, as long as you don't get tangled up in all that tithing madness.

kungfuramone said...

See, I have proceeded in the opposite direction: at the tender age of 30, I love me my slip-ons and my velcro sneaks.

It's like when our laptops passed in the night, you abandoning your iBook for a linux thinkpad and me getting going on OSX and just running linux on my desktop...