How Panel Went For Me Last Night

Tyra: Will SheeNaynay and KFR please step forward.
(We step forward, holding hands.)
Tyra: Two lovely models stand before me, but I only have one photo in my hand. This photo represents the model who will continue in the competition. The model who I do not call must immediately return to the bunker, pack their things, and go home.
(We shuffle uncomfortably.)
Tyra: SheeNaynay, the judges look at you and they see a model with so much potential. Such lovely eyes! Such an incredible walk! But for some reason, you can't make that translate in pictures.
(SheeNaynay nods sadly.)
Tyra: And KFR. The judges can't believe what they see. 6 foot ONE! So slender and strong! Such maturity and drive! But then they can't overlook the fact that you're a 30 year-old male, you're bald, and you're covered in tattoos. And that's just not what the industry is looking for.
(I nod, with a wry, understanding smile.)
Tyra: So who goes home?
(Dramatic pause.)
Tyra: KFR.
(I smile with disbelief, give SheeNaynay a quick, half-hearted hug, and take my picture.)
Tyra: You've still got it. You face a lot of prejudices in this industry, but the judges believe in you.
(Shot of Miss Jay nodding. Nigel looks on.)
Tyra: You're still in the running for becoming America's Next Top Model.


theNerdPatrol said...

WOOHOO!! I knew you had it in you! KFR FOR THE WIN!

first thing said...

can't wait to see what happens next week! Congrats!!!

Chrissy said...


its a beautiful thing


Rebecca said...

I'm confused. Did SheeNaynay have to go home, or did you? Isn't going home a bad thing? What does it meeeeeeean?

Rebecca said...

Oh, and apparently congratulations are in order, based on the other comments. Congrats!