Like a Ball-Peen Hammer to the Knee

My major revelation of the last few months is that no matter how hard you try, you can't store up the nice things when they're happening. At first, I thought about it in terms of the sleep and time I get and have as a "PhD candidate" and that I will no longer get or have when I am a "new parent" in about a month.

But today I arrived at the new version. I haven't had to look for a job, not really, not a normal job, for six years. This isn't gloating; I've had to do lots of crazy shit as a grad and a teacher, and I haven't had much money, either, but it has been pretty amazing not having to go through that agonizing process of looking over the (all too short) columns of available positions muttering "nope...nope...not that one, either, no....maybe, wait, no...no....no...." I'm casting pretty close to an Oregon-sized net right now, and what little silver job-fishies are out there are still easily evading it.

Tomorrow afternoon, I think I'll switch to a crowbar and call it even.

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