Initial Notes on the Dad Process

  1. Changing diapers is not gross. I'm pretty sure this is some kind of deep-seated instinctual reaction to prevent new parents from screaming and running away from their new child as soon as they see the poop. Instead of seeming gross (because, objectively, it totally IS gross), it just seems like an interesting challenge, like playing Operation really fast.
  2. The hardest time of day is from about 10pm - midnight. Your body starts telling you that it's time to get ready for bed but your baby is telling you that, in fact, it is time to feed, change, and try to get her to stop crying.
  3. For something that's been around since mammals showed up at the party 300 million years ago (give or take 100 million years), getting breast-feeding going is surprisingly tricky. As B puts it, it takes a village to breast feed (i.e. both of us futzing with Little Croc to keep her from falling asleep after taking a few swallows.)
  4. Swaddling. Totally. Works. I am amazed about this.
  5. To quote Fight Club: "No. You can't die from insomnia." (reply:) "Hey! I'm in pain here!" (Technically, it's not insomnia if it's someone else keeping you from sleeping, but you know what I mean...)


the rambler said...

1. I love swaddling babies! Love how cute they look all bundled up, and how quiet they get. :)

2. Speaking of fight club, I am reading Chuck Palhaniuk's new book "Pygmy" and it makes me think of of you because it is chocked full of stealthy, deadly and hilarous ninja moves.

Hope you are all still doing well! Hugs

noncoupable said...

Awesome. Whenever you decide you are in dire need of caffeine over the next two months you know who to call! I'll have some jet fuel strength stuff in the french press or I can just bring some freshly ground stuff to your place for you to brew. Let me know!!! love, the coffee snob

Adva Ahava said...

Aw :-) You're a cute new dad! It makes me happy!

ParisH said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙