This Is The Only Way I Get Anything Done

About 80% of the work I've done since moving to SC has gone this way: I get all pissed off about huge projects looming on the horizon, I fret and whine and mince about them for a while, then I wake up one day and drink coffee all morning and stay in my PJs and bunny slippers and write until the thing is finished. This time, with the new austerity measures, I'm doing it non-hungover, which does represent something of an innovation. Either way, here it is, 11:48am, and I have not showered or brushed my teeth or made myself in any way presentable, but I have written the goddamn conference paper I have to present in early April at the biggest, most prestigious, most intimidating, most shit-scary conference of historians of France in North America (oh, also, apparently I'm presenting it to my department as well...please form an orderly queue to the left to shoot me.) It's a mess, of course, but it's done and I have time to revise it into something slightly less messy before then.

The doc said I should try to keep coffee consumption down as part of the blood pressure stuff. She is a wonderful doctor and I respect her very much, but my attitude is this: she can have my alcohol and my salt, but no one touches my F'ing coffee.


Elizabeth said...

Congrats. You are free for another few months or so. And those are damn nice bunny slippers. I spent all night with a coughing, fevered, ailing child and woke up dying to write my dissertation. To each his own.

theNerdPatrol said...

Bravo, sir! Bravo!