Notes of the Hunted

(Post title isn't referring to anything specific - I've just always liked to think of myself writing notebooks about being hunted for Knowing Too Much.)
  1. I am off to Oregon for a trip to the coast very similar to that of last year!
  2. My homie K requested I post a link to her fun and informational blog about geeky pop-cultural phenomena.
  3. She also requested I post a link to Axe Cop, which is (apparently) a webcomic "written" by a five-year old and drawn by his much, much older brother.
  4. Another great webcomic I recently discovered is the Perry Bible Fellowship. It is dark and hilarious.
  5. I am still terrified of flying!
  6. That's all for now!


theNerdPatrol said...

How did you not know about PBF before now? I need to take you under my wing like a little webcomic n00b bird :)

El Chupacabra said...

I too love the PBF. I was privy to see see unpublished strips when I was at the museum of cartoons in SF and I laughed my silly little head off.

Chrissy said...

The PBF was my favorite comic in the Mercury ever, and then they went and stopped printing it.