Finding the Summer Groove

July 4 came and went and the inhabitants of the KFR household survived unscathed, although it should be noted that Pesto shares my loathing for fireworks. The marine layer* has been AWOL for the last few days, so summer is verily upon us, with temps hitting the high 70s.** Naturally, I am against this, but I've learned over the years to take these things in stride.

So here's the thing: I think by early August, I will have figured out summer 2009's tricks. I really like teaching, but my lectures are a little too short and it makes me feel guilty. I really like playing vampire and running my mouth (no disclaimer on this one.) Despite the fact that B's job is still potentially on the chopping block as the Californian budget train wreck goes into its sixth month, for now we are booking vacations in October anyway. I think I just need to hook up a little more BBQ and find a way to get a little more dissertation written, and I'll be all set for the season.

* The marine layer is the giant fog bank that rolls in from Monterey Bay most mornings from May through September, burning off in the early afternoon and keeping summer temps to about 70 - 75 degrees.
** By everyone else's standards, this is not summer weather. I am not concerned with those standards, however.


noncoupable said...

We're having your kind of weather in Berlin. Partly cloudy-mostly cloudy with temps in the low 70s. And it sprinkled a bit today when the clouds were at their heaviest.

Let me know if you want anything from here, btw. I won't be there until September but I could definitely bring some goodies back or mail stuff.

El Chupacabra said...

My summer bag of tricks also needs more bbq, but has had a healthy dose of beer powered bicycles. I highly recommend adding these bicycles to your list as well.

Dolce Vita said...

So, I just read the picture and realized that sidewalk message is just dumb. Because we could stand on the same spot at the same time and get two different times.

Big Chief said...

Call me to schedule a much needed bbq in SF with me and the surfer. I will serve you much beer and even cook you some delicious MEAT. We have a STRONG marine layer which I know vampires like you enjoy.