Monitoring the Internal Monologue

  1. The trick with these kids is to convince them to try to focus on figuring out exactly what it was the famous intellectual was trying to argue before going off on how stupid or unrealistic or short-sighted his or her ideas were. As with Marx, so with Sartre, so with Foucault: you, undergraduate, are not actually smarter than they were.
  2. Everyplace we've lived since we moved in together about eight years ago has been too hot in the summertime. Upstairs apartments and stifling weird old houses. The advantage of this one is that it actually has a screen door for the sliding door and a decent window screen in place, so we can air it out at night. I do wish I could cast 'silence, 15' radius' on my head to drown out the neighbor sounds, obviously.
  3. I have this one kid in my class who reminds me of several of the too-smart-for-their-own-good punk and semi-punk kids I was friends with about ten years ago. At least he's not a complete jerk.
  4. A just got back from Italy, where she had a lovely time gallivanting about. I would like to go to, say, Newfoundland, or maybe northern Alaska, instead. Or maybe a mobile camp on an iceberg, one of the ones that has broken off of Antarctica because of global warming.
  5. It's very hard to keep finding fun stuff to watch. We tried one of the other HBO shows out, but we didn't like it. Why can't they release four seasons of True Blood all at once?!
  6. Best True Blood characters: Lafayette and Eric. Oh, and Terra.
  7. Maybe we should all be on prozac. Have you ever thought that? Just take that electric jolt of anxiety that comes with everything and be all "forsooth! Away with you!" I am seriously tempted, and I'm not kidding.
  8. I realized today I need to stop eating a gigantic plate of pasta smothered in pesto and Parmesan every single day for lunch. I'm bummed about this, but seriously.
  9. Happy Bastille Day, everybody. Consider storming something and seizing the ammunition.


Chrissy said...

For the new show watching: Trailer. Park. Boys.

Its Canadian. Its hilarious. Its fantastical.

Do it.

x's and o's to you and B.

kungfuramone said...

Oh, DUDE. I know about Trailer Park Boys. Sadly, that particular flavor of humor isn't really up B's alley...good show for dudes' nights, though.

Leah said...

Did you guys watch 'Weeds'? It is on Netflix (first 2 seasons are instant downloads). We start season 3 (on DVD) this week.

kungfuramone said...

Haven't seen that one yet...we'll have to put it on the 'to check out' list.

Alexis said...

It sounds like you might like an air-conditioner over there, Antartica. ;)

Alexis said...

(By the way I also like Terra and last summer my friends were all: she's a terrible actress, worst character, and she's a big reinforced stereotype. I don't see it! I just love her issues. I think character and actress are great. Eric is probably the hottest thing on television in history. Yup - I love Lafeyette. And lastly, Anna Paquin looks amazing naked - wow.) Envy me - I have two new ones waiting for me on DVR because of my vaCAYtion...!

kungfuramone said...

I *may* have found a way to stumble across the first three episodes of the current season as well, possibly. :]

Big Chief said...

Please move into my old house in SF. What the hell are you doing in Santa Cruz in the summer time yo? Oh and about the Prozac. Let me know how much you need and I'll steal it from work. Kid's shouldn't be on prozac anyways. They are giving it to this one girl to suppress her sexual desires. Its a side effect that adults hate, so they thought it might work for a 10 year old sex fiend. What has the world come to?

Anonymous said...

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