Working Notes

  1. Eight single-spaced pages of lecture is about right for two hours, supplemented by a meager PowerPoint, tangents, anecdotes, and Q+A with the kids. Writing those eight pages takes me a solid couple of hours, assuming I can keep myself from becoming completely distracted.
  2. Apparently, I run a tight ship when I'm tired and hungover. We had the best overall discussion yesterday in class, of Freud and Weber of all things. The kids really seemed to get it with Id - Ego - Super-Ego by the end, and we had a pretty good time mapping out Freud's attitude about reason and civilization vs. aggression and madness.
  3. BBQ tonight! Hot diggity.
  4. Working on writing up my poststructuralism / postmodernism / Foucault lecture right now. Someone left a copy of Perry Anderson's short book on postmodernism lying around the bunker a week or two ago, and skimming it (which I did to avoid other work) gave me a lot to work with for this lecture. I'm convinced this is how 90% of productive academic work actually gets done (i.e. by accident or through procrastination.)
  5. Shaved off the semi-beard after it got too itchy. This happened on Tuesday.
  6. B and I booked a trip to Yosemite for October. We'll be out of town for Halloween, our second-least favorite holiday in SC, which is pure rad. We're staying at a fancy lodge in the park, whose off-season rates made it cheaper than a comparable weekend in Mendocino, which is weird.
  7. Constant tension from worrying about lectures, dissertation, conference paper, l'avenir in general.
  8. Weird conversation with this punk kid in my class yesterday, telling me about a show at a house somewhere in town, celebrating the violence and obnoxiousness of the local punk scene. Reminded me of why I stopped playing music in the first place: the human condition is wretched enough without arbitrary additions of violence and obnoxious behavior. Unless it's obnoxious behavior directed toward republicans, granted.
  9. My relationship with sleep would be considered by therapists to be abusive.


Austin Rich said...

I seriously think you need to consider breaking up with sleep if this continues. I know that you two have been together for many years now - through thick and thin - and it's easy to remember the good times you had. But I hate the way that sleep treats you, and I wouldn't say this if I didn't think it was the right move. Seriously. I'm only looking out for you.

kungfuramone said...

Thanks, dude. I know you're right at some level, and you're going to think I'm deluding myself, but I still really want to make it work with sleep. The good times are *so* good, and I just want to see if we can put the destructive patterns behind us.

El Chupacabra said...

Hey man, I didn't want to have to tell you like this, but... well, you're not the only one who's been messing around with sleep lately. I'm sorry.

kungfuramone said...

That whore. That dirty, dirty whore.