Out of my Skull (Bored)

Today's post title inspired by one of the greatest band names of all time: Porn (Men Of). I never saw them, but they played at some metal-fest in PDX years ago and I saw the name advertised and grew six months younger all at once.

It was a bit of a rough weekend. The first class went really well and I don't anticipate too many problems with the next one, yet I find myself wishing I had a week to recuperate before diving in again. I have written / am writing something like 150 pages (single-spaced) of lectures over the course of these two classes. Yesterday I made myself get back to wrenchin' on the diss as well, trying to figure out something original to say about Gorz and the context of late-70s / early-80s France and the "death" of academic Marxism.

But back to complaining about the weekend: I hate summer. My usual seasonal affective disorder, summertime edition, seems to have settled in at this point. Most of the people I know in SC are off running around the world, and those that are here have things going on as often as not. B's snowed in trying to finish her beasties for the various shows she's in during the next few months, and I am thus left to my own devices for the most part. Meanwhile, the lectures are there, the diss is there, the conference paper needs to get written. The net effect is that I'm sitting here feeling paralyzed, huge piles of shit that need to get done on the one hand, almost total lack of inspiration to do any of it on the other. Coffee, while still a part of this balanced breakfast, seems to have no effect whatsoever in dislodging my grumpy academic's block.

Anyway, on a happier note, our homie K is coming down to visit us on Thursday. She is the first person to come from Oregon just to see us in SC in the three years we've lived here (it turns out that Portland is shockingly far away from the Cali central coast. We didn't really realize that when we moved here.) We have big plans involving wandering around, going to beaches, going to Half Moon Bay to see the big dinosaur statues, and eating burgers.


Adva Ahava said...

I was out of town this past weekend but I generally have a lot of time on weekends and if you'd like to get coffee and get some social time, let me know.

noncoupable said...

Usually when I'm that bored I take up reading fiction again, watch boatloads of foreign movies or comedies I haven't seen in years, try out new recipes in the kitchen, and go on long bike rides or runs. All but the last might work for you.

There's some nice hiking/picnicking spots in the area... sure, you've probably seen them before, but it could be good for thinking time. Sometimes I go down to the river off hwy 9 near henry cowell to the San Lorenzo river and bring take out tacos with me. I skip rocks on the river and eat.