Dragons! Dissertation Writing Grants!

First of all, tell me that shit doesn't look like a dragon! I know, commenting on clouds looking like things is actually even more boring than talking about your dreams, but I mean...it even has a clearly defined eye! With lids! Extraordinary!

More to the point, writing for grants is hard. You have this massive pile of work, full of its fiendish intricacies, and you have to boil it down to 1 - 3 pages for the application. You end up sounding either too vague or too specific, and meanwhile your whole (*cough*) career kind of hangs in the balance.

I'm trying to get next year off from teaching, you see. In history we teach two sections a term with about 60 kids to grade and cajole. I will get my diss done next year either way, but it would be ever-so nice to be able to do it at a sane pace, with adequate time to think deep thoughts and read the relevant stuff while I'm working on it.

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