Cold Hard Fact: The Bunker Sucks It

Here's a shot of me in the bunker preparing for my QE from about a year ago:*

It doesn't quite adequately capture the facts, though. The bunker is the sum total of our "facilities," on semi-permanent loan from the department and the division.** It's one medium-sized room below ground with bare concrete walls and an unfinished ceiling. The temperature is fairly comfortable in the morning, then gets colder all day until it's unbearable by mid-afternoon. Light is limited to big florescents and some meager, inadequate desk lamps. The computers are aging eMacs and a few beat-up old G4 towers, all of which are slowly dying. You get the point.

I bring this up because I avoided going up to campus and the 4:20 insanity today and instead worked at a local coffee joint for a few hours. I couldn't believe how much I got done. I've tried to turn the horrors of the bunker into a kind of virtue over the years, bragging about how I'll be the first person to have done 85%+ of his work as a graduate student in that awful little chamber and gotten a PHD out of it, but today I'm reminded of the kind of Stockholm Syndrome that attitude really speaks to.

I'm also just the littlest bit cranky because of the 90-something degree temps we're getting right now. Re: those, at the risk of repeating myself: I get to hate the sun. You get to like it if you want. But don't give me shit about it or I'll just tell you to fuck off again.

* Featuring my commie hat (I later removed the star, because it was just too hackneyed. Tweak took the picture.)
** We are reminded of its "loan" status whenever we complain about how awful it is. "Oh, you don't like it? Then maybe we'll justtake it away from you, you whiners!."


Dolce Vita said...

You know if you're getting 90 that I can always top that: 99 today. I share your complaints.

noncoupable said...

:( = sun

:) = working at a coffee joint. I prefer that too--if I wear headphones I get boatloads of work accomplished