Happy Bunny Day

That's a good one of Pesto soaking up the sunbeam action from a year ago.

Amidst the early Spring term malaise, I'd like to wish everyone a happy bunny day. Hopefully you ate some chocolate, drank something with a sweet liqueur as a mixer, and didn't try to do anything productive.

As for me, B and I hosted her folks for a day of SC revelry: a pleasant picnic lunch at a delightfully empty Natural Bridges and then a stroll about the Neary Lagoon, which featured huge carp, sunbathing turtles, and adorable baby ducks.

I'm back in the mix tomorrow. My TA assignment, upper-division Russian Intellectual History, is sort of like the TA equivalent of a Stalinist labor camp, even though my beloved adviser is the prof. Also, work on the diss is feeling very much like the, oh, billionth time Sisyphus had to roll the stupid boulder back up the hill. So it's hard not to get a little worn down.

On the up side, I'm still high on the good food we had at K's Passover seder the other night and my D+D game is rolling (ha ha) once again. Oh, and B got me a 22 of Lagunitas IPA for bunny day. Maybe things are looking up.


Dolce Vita said...

How can the drudgery of work get you down when you have such a darling bunny to admire? Happy bunny day to you too! (And thanks for the tip on the sweet liqueur mixer - I always forget to drink...).

noncoupable said...

Ah yes. Stalinst labor camp you say? On my plate this week is 500+ pages of "Ideology and Organization in Communist China." Maybe we can compare notes after I've read this monster.

kungfuramone said...

"Forget to drink." I cannot grasp thees concept of which you speak...

Chrissy said...

Lagunitas is my favorite IPA. So, things could most definitely be worse.

I opted for an entire bottle of Yellow Tail cab. It was lovely.


Adva Ahava said...

Your D&D game is ROLLING?

YOU'RE ON A ROLL! You made a pun! And in public!

I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!