Worst-Case Scenario: No Internet

Well, my internet died this morning. My cable modem has been going offline every couple of days since I arrived in August, but normally the old unplug / replug technique (known in some circles as the Microsoft Universal Fix, although in this case it's for a non-Microsoft product) would always bring it back online. Not so this morning. I'm typing this up at the UC Center and sort of walking through the scenarios that are going to be involved in trying to get it fixed (best-case: it fixes itself while I'm here. Medium-case: I have to go somewhere with free internet and e-mail my landlord and tell him to call the ISP. Worst-case: somehow I have to call the ISP. Did I mention I don't have a phone?)

So, my apologies if I'm not e-mailing, updating, or poking anyone on Facebook for a while.

God. Fucking. Damn it.

Addendum, Back at Home: So, there are phone company trucks everywhere and a notice on the front of the building that they'll be upgrading stuff until Tuesday the 25th. Looks like I'm back online for the moment, but I'd imagine it's going to be pretty hit and miss. My favorite part: someone who lives in the building wrote in bed red letters on the official notice:

Pas Confiance dans une PHOTOCOPIE! ("(I have) No confidence in a PHOTOCOPY!")

At least I share my pissy indignation with mes voisins


ransom said...

I really like the confidence comment, and I can't figure out whether it's that good, or whether I'm just having a Francophile moment and it's a bit like how so many things just sound better through an accent...

kungfuramone said...

What I appreciate about it is the quintessential French indignation: no only do you eenconveenience mee, you leave a mere PHOTOCOPY of zhee noteece! Bah! I speet on your photocopy!

another kind of nerd said...

-OR- I fArrt een your zheneral direction!

Austin Rich said...
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Austin Rich said...

I just find it nice to know that even the French have Inter-Web problems, just like we do. I can feel that global community getting smaller: now, we'll all complain about not being able to get online! (Or, we would if we could only get our browsers to work...)