After two days' hindsight, I realized why I had been so terrified, in such a specific, peculiar way. It wasn't just the idea that Obama could lose. It was the memory of 2004, an election that the Dems should have won like a basketball game against a quadriplegic.* Instead, they nominated a decent, honest man with all of the charisma of a wet sock and got shot full of holes by the Karl Rove ugly-campaign machine...and they still only lost 51/49%.

This year was similar in that there was no way the Dems should have lost, but people like me, we're just too used to watching it all go to shit. After eight years of the most disastrous presidency in our history, after two horrific and pointless wars, after a total financial meltdown, there should have been no ambiguity about who was going to win...but there was. And what I was most scared of was that, if we lost this time, what hope was there for the future? How could circumstances ever recommend a Democrat more strongly than it did RIGHT NOW?

I am so grateful that they (the Dems) finally got a powerful campaign going, and more grateful that Obama himself has the most unshakeable resolve of any human being on the planet. Personally, I'm pretty sure he's a rad presidential cyborg.

* This is the only metaphor that I could think of off of the top of my head.


Chrissy said...

Dude, you should have seen the reaction here at home. It was amazing. So many cheers and hugs and high fives and tears of joy. It was definitely a night to remember.
The best part is that Obama slaughtered McCain. It wasnt even close. McCain conceeded within like 15 minutes. It was AWESOME.

ninjahq said...

I agree with this completely. My stomach was a vat of acid all afternoon wondering what if? And when Obama was declared the winner, it was almost scary to believe it.

kungfuramone said...

Yeah, if the massive worldwide celebrations were any indication, I'd say I/we shared those sentiments with a lot of people.