Day in the Life: Aujourd'hui Edition!

  1. Up! Coffee! Cheerios! Interwebs while I drink the coffee. With the showering!
  2. AAAAAGH! It's a "I have to go to the laverie day!" Might as well (um, finally) wash the sheets while I'm at it. Everything goes in the pillowcase (thanks for the tip, B.) Walk walk walk. 4.50 euro / load.
  3. Return chez moi. E-mails! Call the UC center: "S, do you know anything about my train tickets that I don't have. No? Ok." Call ACCENT: "ACCENT guy, do you...you do?! Hot damn!"
  4. Back to the laverie. Stuff in the dryer. Go for a walk around the island for 30 minutes. Stuff out, back to the apartment.
  5. Get tickets! Get package from my mom! Hey, it's a scarf! Now I will be virtually invisible, lost in the crowds of scarf-wearers!
  6. Still time to go to Monoprix! Walk walk walk. 28 euros for basic things to eat for a few days! Also: toilet paper and new sponges for dish-washing.
  7. Wolf down sandwich. 20 minutes to sit and stare blankly at the wall. To the BNF!
  8. Walk walk walk. Ignore spitting rain. Ignore option of taking the metro instead.
  9. Aaaaaah...Gorz's journalistic pseudonym Michel Bosquet's Critique du Capitalisme Quotidien. Light reading for a few hours. Notes!
  10. Ugh. Bored and tired. I've been here for 2.5 hours...good enough. Walk walk walk.
  11. Decide not to work out. Legs hurt. Stretch.
  12. Blog post update!
For next time: how the fuck do you wear a scarf, anyway? I will ask you, my fashion-forward readers, to chime in. Also, I will model various possibilities I can think up. Expect both Blue Steel and Magnum.


hardcori said...

I have two preferred methods of scarf wearing. 1: the usual drape around the neck, wrap around once so both ends are in front, and button under jacket. 2: Fold scarf in half and wrap around neck, pulling the two ends through the loop created by the folding and pull tight. provides for extra coziness.

Chrissy said...

My favorite is Hardcori's option 2. Its super extra cozy and warm and looks pretty spiffy too.

ransom said...

I also vote for Cori's Option 2. Option 1 always comes undone on me.

Dolce Vita said...

If you have a long scarf, there is another option: one end starts tossed over the shoulder (by only a few inches), then wrap and wrap until you've got just enough left to throw over your shoulder again. Apply jacket (which holds this beehive in place). I prefer this method in miserable weather because I can pull it up in back and on the sides (to hide my ears) and evade winds and cold moisture. Good luck staying warm!

Dolce Vita said...

Oh, je dois etre certain avec mes mots ici. Bien sur tu as une 'echarpe' pas un foulard - parce ce que je n'ai jamais vu un homme qui porte un foulard (sauf dans les photo stereotype des francais et ces hommes toujours portent un beret avec leur 'foulard d'homme'). Puet-etre tu ais vu un homme qui porte un foulard? Moi, je veux voir une photo de ca!

kungfuramone said...

But DV, I don't even know what a foulard *is*! And yeah, I'm quite certain I just have a regular echarpe.