I Will Be Holding my Breath...

...until the election results are in. Which, for those of us in Paris, is Wednesday morning.

Your Occidental Reporter,


Rebecca said...

I'm having a hard time focusing on work. Can it just be over already? And can Obama please be our president?

Dolce Vita said...

Tell us, Occidental Reporter, how did you vote? (Not who did you vote for but how did you do it - in Paris, perhaps?)

kungfuramone said...

Oh, B mailed me my ballot as soon as it arrived. I filled it out, then priority-mailed it back to the states. And we had over a week to spare to get it in.

I can't IMAGINE anyone I know *not* voting, but if such a person is out there, they should know that my vote spanned continents and an ocean, god DAMN it!

P.S. I voted yay for Obama, yay for Democrats, no on being a homophobic bigot, and yes on light rail. I'm sure you're all amazed.