Please see my flickr site for my brief scarf fashion show. As you can see, I am befuddled by scarves. Keep those scarf-wearing ideas coming! Remember, I'm working with a medium-length, broad, plaid, acrylic scarf, so nothing that involves elaborate looping will work.


Alexis said...

Oh wow you are really bored... you are making videos about how to wear your scarf. You should see some of the videos Maddie, my teenage sister and burgeouning filmaking talent, has compiled on the subject of our dog Duke, trees in our yard, and the dog in the midst of the trees. There are many of them (and I stress many) and some are oddly touching. They could inspire you to push the limits even more.

All the looks are pretty good! I like the elaborate folding - it is cozy and those in the know about scarves choose it on the regualr tip. "Couldn't be simpler" isn't bad either, and neither is "under a jacket". I think you might be arrested if you act wrong while in the ninja.

Congratualtions on having a scarf. In Paris.

kungfuramone said...

Thanks. I am glad that Paris has transformed me into a semblance of your much younger sister, and it's a pleasure to have a scarf. In Paris.

Adva Ahava said...

I always go with "Couldn't be Simpler" or the one that you like the best. I like the "Couldn't be Simpler" style because I think it's the best for boob minimization. This isn't an issue for you, however, so I'd go with the one you picked as your favorite.

Elizabeth said...

I concur with adva and enjoy having a warm neck. It's a little thing to enjoy. Maybe I can knit you a proper hat to go with it that B can take with her.

Dolce Vita said...

You're going to freeze - you need more scarf to pile up to your ears. I like simple behind the back.

Si, tu sais "un foulard." On ne le porte pas quand il fait froid (sauf sous une echarpe). Alors, les femmes francais portent les foulard souvent (tu les vois partout n'est pas?). Et tu doit achete un foulard pour Becky; elle est une femme qui peut porter un foulard (c'est meillure, a mon avis, pour les femmes qui avaient des cheuveux courts). Et si tu ne me comprends pas encore, rendes visit au Hermes: www.hermes.com

kungfuramone said...

I will keep my eyes peeled for a foulard for B, V. Merci bien!

And the thing is: I almost never get cold. This one works as a statement of plaid, and it does provide neck coziness. My little ears will just have to figure everything out on their own.