Downs and Up

  1. Apparently Obama didn't come at Romney hard enough the other night, especially considering all Romney did was lie through his teeth.  My mom reminded me to keep my chin up; I have a feeling the Barack-ness Monster is going to bring the punishment in the subsequent debates.
  2. Oregon is experiencing the start of a drought; it's the driest July - September on record (i.e. ever.)  This kind of thing happens in El Nino years for us, and sadly, it's one of those.  I guess I should hope that the rest of the country gets some relief from its drought.  I just miss my precious rain.
  3. I wish my friends didn't have to work, and hence we could all hang out more often.  
But it's all okay, because...
  1. My job is so awesome.  I teach and write lectures and teach some more.  That's my job.  I don't have to research, ever again,  which is great because I basically sucked at it (basically.)
  2. Swathed in tweed, I feel that I am comporting myself with grace and dignity.
  3. I have succeeded, with a little help from my friends, in developing a taste for bourbon, a long-time goal of mine.  It just took good bourbon to do it.  Reclining with a rocks glass in hand, I feel that I am comporting myself with grace and dignity.

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Ransom said...

The dry weather can be taken too far. But speaking as a man with a 15%-shingled garage, I am mostly thankful for the current run...