Ain't Got No Sink

  1. We're having stuff done to our kitchen.  Actually, we're almost done with having stuff done.  To quote B: "it really is astonishing how difficult it is to be without a sink."  But man...that kitchen is going to look tastefully appointed when it's all said and done!
  2. My reconfigured +4 sword sounds great!  We're actively making plans for the initial Nervous performance, to be held in the basement where we normally practice for a group of our immediate friends.  That's about our speed, right now.
  3. I am going to play some movies in some of my classes.  I have never done this before, ever.  What finally broke me is a combination of things: the kids are getting lecture fatigue, and The CC has one-hour-and-fifty-minute-long classes, so I am getting lecture fatigue, too.  As soon as I asked for suggestions for a "good video on Rome" from my colleagues, I got a flood of responses.  I am not alone in doing this, evidently.
  4. You really should check out the awesome pictures that our homies B + C put up on flickr from the latest iteration of their annual Halloween bash.
  5. Canker sores, man.  They are my own personal plague.  They last for fuckin' weeks.  I'm convinced I have weird mouth-chemistry.
  6. On the plus side, I found out at the doctor's last week that my blood pressure is normal!  Hot damn!  It turns out having a better job is better for you!  Also, I'm convinced the switch from beer to liquor helped.*
  7. That kid of mine sure is cute.
* Hunter S. Thompson sincerely believed that bourbon was good for heart ailments.  In a letter to a friend before he got famous, he suggested killing a bottle of Wild Turkey as a kind of cardiological cure-all.

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Cody Austin Rich said...

I fully believe Bourbon makes me more powerful, but that really isn't news, either.

Sure wish I could have gone to that Halloween shindig. But I was singing Queers songs, elbow-deep in a dish-pit again. Born to wash dishes, methinks.

Is "+4 Sword" going to be The Nervous' contribution to the comp?