Reconfigured +4 Sword, Also, Winded

Last weekend the girls were in California.  I spent Sunday in some intense Nervous think-tanking...we rocked, we recorded, we started the process of carving up (I wouldn't say "butchering" in so many words) a Bad Religion cover, and all was well. 

After actual music-playing was completed, Ransom and I got cart food and proceeded to dive in and tackle the great bass pickups replacement drive of ought-twelve.  This consisted of Ransom doing 98% of the work while I looked on and bullshitted with R (his partner), who was also doing something actually-useful at the time (assembling a coat rack.)  A few technical glitches remained by the time I had to jet, but I received a text shortly thereafter indicating that maximum rocktitude had been ACHIEVED.

In short: my bass has new pickups, and the likelihood of the Nervous implementing Plan Technocrat in the Pacific Standard timezone has thereby been increased ONE-HUNDRED FOLD.

Also, man, it is a lot of grading when you're teaching four classes at once.  Tomorrow I plan to really get the proverbial nose to the proverbial grindstone and crank out some midterm grades.

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