Last week was the first week of the rest of my life.  It went pretty darn well; I soaked up some serious cube time working on lectures, I dropped plenty of historical logic in the classroom, and I got to meet a whole heapin' mess of my new colleagues.  I am, however, faced with a quandary:

You see, it would be pretty easy for someone who actually cared (this would be a mythical beast like a basilisk or an efreet, but bear with me here) to figure out who I am based on this blog.  I refer to the city I live in about once ever other sentence, I write about starting up my new job teaching full-time at a prominent local CC, there are about a million references to the subjects I studied and now teach, etc. etc. etc.  Again, there is no discernible reason why anyone would care, and I don't think this thing is google-able (e.g. google me.  This blog doesn't show up.)  That said, the thing that teachers get in trouble with is indiscretion; talking shit, being overly candid, otherwise opening their great gaping pedagogical mouths in an unprofessional way.

Thusly, I'm kind of left in the position of not being able to openly talk about my experiences teaching, especially since I'm three years of good reviews out from having tenure.  This, too, is kind of a great flaming heap of who-could-possibly-give-a-shit, but on the other hand, I've always maintained that the point of blogging is keeping a running tally of the lives of people who we don't get to talk to or see very often, which for me includes a lot of good-looking peoples I know from grad school who are now scattered all over the place.

Conclusion?  Bummer.  My devoted readership of literal half-dozens will have to continue to make do with vague allusions to my professional life combined with pithy lists of whatever I'm thinking about that particular second in front of the computer.

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noncoupable said...

I still like reading that what you write on here far more than peoples' FB walls that more-or-less either serve as, at best, compilations of everything they've been reading the last few days or, at worst, everything they've been doing the last few days. A blog requires a conclusive meditation on what's going on in someone's life. I appreciate that even if it's somewhat vague.