Another Big Saturday Morning Where I Can't Sleep In

Getting old is retarded.*  It's like this ongoing, low-level feeling of physical unease coupled with a weird starvation diet of sleep.  What I mean by the latter is that it becomes impossible to sleep much, ever - even when you're asleep, you're just drifting at the edge of waking up the whole time, anyway.  After enjoying pizza and wine with homies R+R last night, for some (fucking) reason I turned my alarm on (apparently it's purely reflexive at this point), so it went off at 6:20am like usual this morning.  Now, young me would have just turned it off and gone back to sleep.  Old, current me turned it off and failed to go back to sleep.  Hence blog post.

Work is going pretty well.  I got a semi-promotion to start doing business analysis / project management (with adult supervision in the form of one of my bosses), which is a step in the direction I want to go involving doing full-on project management in a tech context.  Why would I want to do such a thing, you possibly impulsively think for a quarter of a second before getting bored and thinking about something more interesting, like anything else at all, ever?  The answer is that doing project management seems  to be less stressful than doing IT but pays more.  My mama didn't raise no dummies, you see.

I'm teaching again, too.  I mean to write a blog post about my big ultimate take on having spent six years earning a doctorate and then promptly returning to a variation on what I was doing before I went to grad school in the first place instead of doggedly pursuing a teaching career...but this post ain't that.  Suffice it to say for now that teaching is still fun, I like those silly kids in my classes, but it is also pretty exciting to be signing the papers on our new house next week. 

Speaking of, and forgive me for the weird species of bragging, but these are things our house has:
  1. 5 years in to a 30-year roof.
  2. New siding.
  3. New furnace.
  4. (now) New sewer line.
  5. (now) New circuit box and a bunch of new electrical.
  6. New Windows!
This latter one is huge.  Everyone we know who owns a house has gone through the window replacement thing in the last few years and it sounds brutal.  We are some lucky shits to be moving in to a place where the guy before already paid for it.

* Retarded is the last socially unpalatable term I insist on using sometimes.  I'm sure I'll get in trouble for it eventually and be forced to just mutter it under my breath when I'm alone.

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