You know what's boring?  Talking about how tired you are.  Too bad, suckers.

On the days I teach, I rock a 12-hour day from when I'm up to when I get home.  Work is still going really "well," but I'm both the lead guy in getting us a major technical security audit and I'm trying to figure out how to be a software / business analyst.  Having the house is beyond awesome, but we don't get to move in for a month-plus because we have to have the upstairs floors refinished and the floor guys are weeks out until they're available (side note: this part will be expensive.) 

And the kiddo...oh, jeebus, the kiddo.  She's adorable.  She's learning new words literally every day now and is actually making some progress on the walking thing.  But holy pooping damn, she demands 100% attention 100% of the time.  Obviously, B has to deal with this all the time, but my part is getting home after the stuff noted in the first paragraph and having to be the paragon of father - husband virtue instanter. 

Hope for the future consists of the following: the bulk of the audit will be done, for better or worse, within a month.  My class ends at the start of December.  Because we don't get to move right away, we get more time to get things sorted and the small things moved and stashed in the basement (and we know that the remaining repairs / setup will have enough time to happen before we're actually living there.)  Must...keep...going.

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