Haters Gonna Hate

I've been eating a lot of kale.

Just a note on one of the best shows: True Blood.  It's this one show about vampires that is on HBO and it also on the, uh, internet.  B and I finally got around to watching the finale of the latest season last night and it was splendid good fun.  It's like a really smart teenager made up a funny show and hired incredibly good-looking actors for it (case in point: "Eric Northman," above, and "Jessica," not pictured.)

Thing is, lots of smart and media-savvy internet people like my homie K really hate True Blood.  There are whole smart, media-savvy blogs devoted to hating on True Blood.  That is good!  Because their intense hatred somehow only makes the show more...succulent and robust.  I do wonder a little if they're missing the point:

They think that it's a show that's kind of tongue in cheek but fails and is just stupid.  BUT what if it's a show that is SO tongue in cheek that it knows the first layer of irony is just silly but that the SECRET layer of irony makes the shit work?!  

Anyway, here's to True Blood.  I recommend that you and an attractive person get together with a few bottles of wine and watch it. 

My recommendations are not to be taken lightly.


ninjahq said...

FYI: I didn't like it because I disliked all the characters. I need at least one character I feel I can relate to. I know it's brain candy to a lot of people and support that 100% ;)

Chris said...

Hmm...I was actually think of K who lives in New Jersey now (who is REALLY into hating TB), but I suppose most of what I wrote applies to you, too. ;]

noncoupable said...

When I moved into this small-ass furnished studio last winter the previous tenant left behind a DVD in the DVD player - one of the seasons for this show.

Doesn't really seem to be my cup of tea... but then, I still haven't bothered to watch it. :)