Ain't Got No Subject Line 'Cuz She Done Me Wrong

That's how a blog post would start if I sang the blues, only I'd say it twice.

Anyway, there is nothing new.  See here:
  1. Buying a house a kind of painful process.  Have I mentioned that?  Yes, I have.
  2. The heat last week just about killed me.  I was unprepared for a super-hot in September.  The advent of gray skies and cool winds made me fall over in happy relief-edness.
  3. I start teaching again ridiculously soon!  Weird!
  4. Plan C is one crazy 16-month old.  We had a lovely reprieve tonight after she took an actual nap and was in a good mood for the rest of the evening.  This was not coincidental.  
  5. You know what I like to eat?  Kale.  God being old is weird.
  6. Mostly I like to eat runny eggs, though.
  7. We're going to H+M this weekend!  Gonna maybe buy me some more pants!
  8. Have I mentioned of late that Pesto is still truckin' along at nine years?  She is one awesome bunny.

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another kind of nerd said...

I hope you're surviving the latest of heat waves....