Got a House

Yep...it's official!  Our house is two blocks southwest of the corner of Killingsworth and Interstate in north Portland (it's in the Overlook neighborhood):

It's Just About Here.

That was one crazy process.  Here is our timeline, for your edification:
  1. Early July: get financials going.
  2. Late July: loan pre-approved.
  3. Late July: start looking.
  4. Early/mid August: put in offer.
  5. Through late August: insanity with repair addendums.  Finally walk away from house.
  6. Early September: start looking again.
  7. Labor day weekend: put in offer on another place.
  8. Next day: counter-offer.  Counter-offer accepted.
  9. Through mid-September: inspections and new repair addendum.  Repair addendum accepted.
  10. Repairs ensue
  11. First week of October: everything wraps up, we get the keys yesterday.
Of course, now comes the carpet ripping-up, the additional crap that needs to get done (i.e. we have to pay more people more money), appliances purchased and installed, then the big push in two weeks with the truck and the friends and the pizza and the beer.

Pics will be on flickr within the next few days!